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International prepaid SIM cards with seamless coverage in the USA, Canada, Europe, Caribbean and more.

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Cost-effective and market-leading suite of enterprise connectivity, security and M2M solutions.

iRoam is a leading provider of international prepaid cellular SIM card roaming service, as well as enterprise BYOD wireless connectivity and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. Our commitment to consistently providing the best possible products and services was recently strengthened by acquiring reputable brands Brightroam and G3 Wireless.

Through alliances with 340 cellular roaming partners globally (including Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2) iRoam provides reliable international roaming service at significant discount to domestic carriers.

Powered by the world's best networks to give you exceptional coverage and connection.

Global cellular roaming with iRoam's international SIM cards

The days of constantly having to change mobile numbers depending on which country you are in are over. With iRoam Global SIM, you can be reached on one SIM card and one North American phone number easily and cheaply. You know exactly what you are spending and there are no surprise bills. Also there are no monthly plans, bundles or contracts.

The concept is simple - enjoy seamless cellular coverage in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Caribbean & more while saving up to 90% in roaming costs when compared to your cellular provider on your iOS, BlackBerry or Android mobile devices.

Global Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet

iPass - Access the world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network. With this simple, scalable, secure and affordable cross-platform solution, you and your mobile workforce can connect to over 13 million Wi-Fi hotspots in over 120 countries globally including Inflight Wi-Fi.

Webbing - Secure mobile internet that gives businesses the freedom of flat daily rate Internet access which can be shared across multiple devices. Send emails, download files, and enjoy up to 3.75G connectivity for as low as 5¢/MB in over 148 countries.

Data Security Management / Mobile Device Management / Mobile Data Optimization / Telecom Expense Management

Data Security - iRoam has partnered with the world's leading pioneers of data security solutions to give you complete end user protection.

Mobile Device Management - iRoam provides a variety of MDM solutions to ensure that your business can provide a BYOD work environment without the risk.

Mobile Data Optimization - Wandera is the world's first and leading global provider of Mobile Data Optimization (MDO), providing businesses with savings, control and visibility of their mobile data usage.

Telecom Expense Management - Quickly gain visibility into your communications spend patterns and identify areas for short and long term savings.

Discover iRoam's Machine-to-Machine Solutions

As machine-to-machine technology redefines the way we do business, iRoam offers flexible M2M solutions so you can efficiently and effectively run yours. Our streamlined operations and reliable network connectivity will transform the connected enterprise.